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On a casual Sunday afternoon, Jon and I like to hang out on the couch and relax. But this particular Sunday I had something more in mind. Why not seduce Jon into putting his cock in my mouth? I was dying to feel it get hard for me, and I had a craving for a big load of cum over my lips. Giggling and teasing Jon as we were in the living room, he could tell I was up to something. But he trusts my naughty instincts. I unbuttoned his pants and worked them down, so that his cock came out for me. Rubbing and licking the head of his prick gently, I felt it swell in my hands. But I stared Jon right in the eyes. My wicked grin would tell him exactly what I wanted. “You like that?” I asked coyly. He didn’t reply, but the fact that his mouth had dropped open in pleasure was all I needed to know. I worked his prick over slowly with my tongue and hands. I wanted to make this blowjob last for a while before getting Jon’s creamy load. Running my tongue from the base, all the way along the underside of his dick and up to the head. Mmmm I loved every inch! The dirty slut in me started to come out, and I worked my mouth all the way down the hard shaft and back. Harder and faster. Originally I had thought I wanted to make this head session last, but the thought of a sticky load of goo on my tongue was too tempting. I sucked harder, bobbing my entire head over his erect meat. Jon put his hand on the back of my head, guiding me over his rod. I was taking all that I could, his prick filling my mouth all the way to my throat. Using one hand to caress his big balls, I continued to stroke and suck that dick. It was shiny with my spit and rock hard. I love it when a cock looks like that, it’s irresistible for a nasty girl like me! Jon was ready to blow. I opened my mouth wide, offering him my face and chin to cum over. Gently I stroked his manhood, my face begging for his white, creamy seed. One burst, two, three rolled out over my mouth and chin. It was a sticky mess, and I loved it! I licked up every drop and swallowed it down. Delicious!
My girlfriend Kelli has this chair we originally called “The Shoe Chair” because it’s shaped like a big leopard print shoe. But now we call it “The Sex Chair” because we’ve done so many dirty things on it haha! Today we decided to film a sexy striptease, I had a little leather and leopard print bustier that matched the chair perfectly. I seemed like the perfect naughty fit! I started off prancing around a bit in my black heels, showing off for the camera. Rubbing the top of my tits, they were all pushed up and full in the bustier top. My boobs were begging to be let free of the top, so one by one I slowly unhooked the eyelets that held it on. Mmm my nipples were full and swollen already. I pushed them together, teasing Kelli and the camera with their big cleavage. Kelli loves when I talk dirty, and today I was giving her plenty of slutty commentary. I talked like I had a nice big dick in front of me and was begging to slide it between my tits. But we weren’t done there, I pulled out Kelli’s silver 8" dildo and rubbed it over my pussy. I could feel the cool dildo through my panties. But it would be even better if I could feel it directly on my box, so I slipped the tiny black g string panties down my legs and onto the floor. My shaved cunt was throbbing for action. Sitting back on the sex chair, I spread my legs high and wide. Taking the toy up to my mouth, I rubbed my clit to get my pussy soaking wet. Sucking the toy like a good hard dick, I spit over it too. By the time the toy was buzzing with vibration over my clit, it was really slippery. When I guided it into my hole, it slipped right in. Deep and wet. You could barely make out the sounds of the vibrator as it pumped in and out of my slit and I cried out. It felt amazing! I couldn’t believe I could feel this close to cumming so soon! Faster, harder, I pounded the cock toy in and out of me. Suddenly I realized exactly what I needed to cum hard. I turned over and rested the toy on the chair so I could ride it. Bouncing and grinding the toy, I screamed out “Oh yeah!” as I came hard over the silver dick. The sex chair did it again! Haha!
Gina is a girlfriend of mine who has a ton of sexual energy. She isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what she wants and likes. When we get together we always wind up getting down and dirty licking and finger fucking each other. Gina’s trip to Vegas wasn’t any different. She had a room at the Venetian and invited me down to play. When we got into the big hotel bed together, we were already pulling at one another’s clothes. Of course, Gina likes things just a little rough. And you know Ido too from time to time. We alternated teasing, kissing, spanking. Gina’s pierced nipples were already firm in my mouth. Hot, passionate kisses between us. Gina was licking, biting, and spanking my ass all at once. Time to get totally naked! Gina slipped my panties all the way off, pulling my pussy lips wide open for her tongue and fingers.“Oh Naughty!” she said as she spanked my clit with her fingers. Fuck! It was that mixture of pleasure and pain, so intense. Once my clit stood up all swollen, Gina flicked her tongue over it again and again. But that wasn’t enough for her. Grabbing a big bottle of lube, she covered my pussy in it. Forcing her fingers deep in my cunt as she pinched and rubbed my clit hard, I came hard, grunting as Gina finger fucked me. I needed some of her pierced pussy too. Laying over her body in a 69 position, I pulled at her clit ring and wagged my tongue over it. Her snatch was so wet I had to slip a finger inside. I curled it up to hit her G spot as I fingered her and tongued her clit at the same time. “Mmm baby I wanna taste that cum” I told her. “Oh fuck me!!!” Gina cried out as I slipped another finger in her dripping hole. I was banging away at her snatch with my fingers, but her ass looked so inviting. Gina rolled over onto her side so I could lick her puckered little asshole as I worked over her clit with my fingers. I sunk my middle finger deep in her asshole and Gina moaned, “I like being your ass slut!” It only made me slam my finger into her butt harder. You could tell she was loving me fucking her ass as she rolled her hips back and forth. We went on like this the entire night, for a marathon of licking and fucking. Every time I thought we were done and would lay back on the bed, we would only start things up again a few minutes later. Gina’s coming back to town again soon, and I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of her all over again!
It was a scorching hot summer! Luckily we made it out to my friend’s boat to cool off a bit. My favorite spot is in the Cabin, where you can get away from the sun for a few minutes and listen to the radio. One of the local stations was playing old 80's music and started the Purple Rain CD. I love that CD! I had to move the music, rolling around on the cabin’s bed and shaking my butt to the rhythm. Soon I was pulling up my top to expose my tits and fondle them. And then turning over to move my micro mini g string bikini bottom down my legs and off my pointed toes. Totally nude in the cabin now, I was definitely in the mood to play1 The music still had me moving, grinding, and so turned on! I stroked the lips of my nude pussy, opening them wide. Then tasting my wet fingers, delicious! Maybe it was the summer heat, or the music, but I was dying to get off there in the boat. I leaned back across the bed and rubbed my fingers over my box. My clit was perking up already. I spanked it with my fingers to get it stand straight out for me. God that’s such an intense feeling! What I needed was a cock to fill my waiting hole. Like the big, thick red jelly toy I had along with me. Perfect! Drooling over the plastic dick, I rubbed it along my nipples with my own spit as lubrication. Then down to my throbbing cunt. Sliding the prick into my pink hole nice and slow at first. Then harder, faster. With one leg in the air, bracing against the roof, I pumped the cock toy furiously in and out of my snatch. “Oh yeah, yeah, yesss” I was screaming. Fuck I needed to cum. I rubbed my clit and simultaneously fucked my pussy hard. The trick to making my tight fuck hole cum was going to be to ride it and imagine a real dick inside me. Positioning the toy on the cabin bed, I held on to the roof as I bore down on the red prick hard and fast. Mmm, doggie style would feel even better. I put my ass high in the air as I slammed the cock into my cunt hard, rubbing my clit. Fuck it was so close now! “Ohhh ooooo” I couldn’t help but scream as I climaxed hard.
Now that is the very best way to beat the summer heat!
I almost forgot I had this hot video, can you believe it?! When I watched it again it reminded me of the horny days of summer, hanging out on our friends boat. It was a hot, sunny day and he had driven us into a secluded backwater area. There were only a few vacation homes back there. We weren’t sure if anyone was staying in them, but Jon and I were feeling frisky. We threw caution to the wind and decided to get nasty right there in the open. In my tiny string bikini, I bent over the back of the boat and worked Jon’s swim trunks down his legs. I couldn’t help but giggle a little, imagining people might be looking at us. But the thrill made it more exciting. I took Jon’s dick into my mouth, tempting it with my tongue and fingers. Sucking it hard. Ooooh yeah I love the feel of a stiff prick on my tongue. It had me so hot. I worked the sides of my bikini over so I could play with my tits while I gave Jon his outdoor blowjob. But I couldn’t leave his balls out. Crouching down a bit to get underneath, I licked and sucked gently at his sack. And then ran my tongue all the way up the shaft of his long rod to the head. It was feeling good and Jon had to lay back across the back of the boat. We were out in plain view now, Jon totally naked in the sun on the back of the boat and me bobbing my head over his rock hard dick. Talk about naughty! This stiff one was worth getting in trouble for. I had to have it inside me. With the thong bottoms of my bikini still wrapped around my thighs, I bent over the back of the boat and offered up my ass and pussy to Jon. He got up behind me and slipped his prick deep into my slit. I was trying to be quiet and not scream out in pleasure, but small moans and squeals were escaping from my mouth. Especially as he grabbed my ass cheek and started to sink his meat deeper into my juicy fuck canal. I could feel my ass bounce with head stroke as he pounded my box hard and fast. To get a better angle to play with my clit while Jon fucked me hard, we moved into missionary style. My legs were wide in the air as he hammered at my pussy. Jon’s dick was showing me no mercy today, fucking the hell out of me right in out in the open. He had me cumming in waves over his big rod in no time, by then I couldn’t hold back the screaming and just let it all go. Now I needed to coax the man juice out of my husband’s throbbing cock. I sat up and took it into my mouth. Jon grabbed the back of my pigtails to guide my head over his prick. My hand and mouth sucking and stroking in unison, I worked that dick until a spray of white cum splattered across my face in gooey drops. Yum!
I’ve got this see through cream colored sweater. It always makes me think about what kind of reaction I would get if I wore it outside with no bra underneath. I jokingly told Jon about it one day and he said, “Ooooh I’m going to get my camera and you show me exactly how it makes you feel to imagine all those horny eyes on your tits!” You don’t have to ask me twice! I got dressed in my short skirt, the sweater, and my high heeled wood sandals. “You ready to play” I asked as I lifted my skirt, “You like it when I don’t wear panties don’t you?” But just a shot of the pussy wouldn’t be enough, I sat back on the couch and lifted my legs high in the air, wrapping them up around my head. But we can’t leave me tits out! I moved down to the floor and pulled up the sweater to spit on my nipples and pull them out, all stiff. Peeling the tight skirt off my full ass and hips, I spread back on the velvet couch. My clit was ready for action. Nothing my purple pocket rocket vibrator couldn’t cure! Holding the toy directly on my ultra sensitive clit I wouldn’t let up. It had me squirming and squealing. So powerful! My cunt wouldn’t be happy until it was full of something long and hard, though. Why not this big blue dildo? I can ride it and buzz my clit with the pocket rocket at the same time. “Oooh yeah” I moaned. “Oh God yeah, it’s so deep!” The toys are vibrating, fucking me hard. “You want to make me cum don’t you?” I asked. “So good...oh yeah...oh my god...oh...mmmm yeah....ahh...uhhh fuck...oh god, oh god....ooooOOHH, Ahhhh!” was all I could manage to say as a huge orgasm overtook me. Something tells me I need more see through clothes lol!
I thought you guys might enjoy a taste of the last time Lori and I got together and went out on the boat. It was a steamy hot summer day and we had just put on our matching American Flag bikini outfits. Mine was a tiny top with snap-side thong bottoms, and Lori put on a tiny cover up and booty shorts over her tight body. We drove the boat way out into the middle of the lake so Lori and I could tease each other out on the water. We were a little buzzed from having a few drinks on the way out, so the warm breeze and sun felt amazing. Lori and I cuddled close together on the back of the boat as the waves bounced us around. I unzipped Lori’s top to expose her perky tits and full nipples. They felt even better on my tongue! Looking around for other boaters, Lori worked me out of my tiny striped top. My tits were naked for the world to see. We both leaned back with our legs spread, playing with our tits and taking off one another’s bottoms. Lori spent a lot of time rubbing my ass and I loved every minute of it. Such a sweet tease! I had to return the favor. As Lori bent over the back of the boat I pulled her shorts down and off those long legs. What a tasty ass and pussy! I can’t wait to see Lori again so we can get down and dirty. Next time I want to get my tongue deep inside that sweet box.
I love this hat! I can’t get enough of it. Don’t you think it’s sexy? I’m going to do a hot striptease right here for you, but the hat is staying on haha! I’m even going to ask you for a nice spanking, just don’t knock the hat off hehe. Come a little closer and lick my nipples for me as I lift up this tight white shirt. Mmm yeah, give them a little nibble too. You like thong panties? Oh you do, do you? You like the way it rides up a girl’s ass? Me too! Let me show you my white thong panties under my jeans. See how they tie on the sides? All I need to do is pull on either side like this...and there is my pussy and ass ready for you. Easy access. You want to play? I brought along my pink vibrating G spot toy just for you. Watch how I play with my sweet little box. Fingering my tight hole while I circle my clit with the toy’s big, thick head. How about we push this big headed cock into my cunt? Ooooh yeah. Good and deep so I can hit just the right spot with that strong buzzing vibration. I’ll put my legs high in the air as I fuck myself harder, screaming out in pleasure. Oh yeah I’m going to cum. I’ll look you dead in the face and tell you how I want you to make me cum. Oh yeah, oh my god! Mmm mmm Yeah! Harder now. I’m going to cum now, yeahhhhhh!! But what about my butt? I brought along a toy for my asshole too. Let’s push it inside deep. Fuck yeah. That feels so good to have my ass full of stiff cock. Rubbing my clit as I pound this purple prick toy in and out of my puckered butthole. This is just how I want you to fuck my ass baby. And all the while, the hat stays on. How’s that for skills? Ha ha!
Do you remember the time I got that tour of the private jet hangar and wound up masturbating myself into a frenzy right inside a plane? Well, I told Jon about it and he was curious to know more. I started to explain it to him, but then I figured it might be better if I just showed him ;-) I arranged another visit to the sexy jets I loved so much, this time a tour for two, please! Once we got inside one of the aircraft, I whispered to him, “Wouldn’t it be HOT if we fucked right here, right now?!” Not surprisingly, the idea turned Jon on too (who woulda guessed, right? lol) So I pulled his pants off right there in the plane. His cock looked too tasty, I had to take it in my mouth and get it all stiff for me. Playing with his balls with one hand, I stroked his prick with the other as my mouth sucked him inside again and again. Hoping to get good and lucky, I hadn’t worn any panties under my dress, so I pulled it up and unbuttoned the top to let my tits free. I bent over the cabin’s seat, a seatbelt under my hand. Jon came up behind me with his big swollen dick and pushed it deep inside me. Soon he was spanking me, grabbing at my ass as his cock pounded my tight hole. We turned over into missionary so I could rub my clit as he punished my cunt with his big prick some more. Damn it was so deep! I love that fine line between pleasure and pain, and each time he slammed into me it was a combination of the two. Fuck yes! We weren’t done yet. Jon sat down in one of the chairs and I lowered my pussy right onto his waiting man meat. It was still glistening with my juices. “Oh yeah, play with my clit and make me cum. Make me cum on that cock” I begged Jon. Faster I bounced up and down on him until I was screaming out in climax, “Mmmm yeahhhh!” But I wasn’t oging to be satisfied until I had a face full of cum out of Jon. “I think I need to suck you” I said. Jon reclined on the full seat as I knelt in front of him, sucking hard and spitting on his dick. It wasn’t long before I heard Jon say, “Here it cums, open up your mouth!” That’s exactly what I did as a big spurt of white cream erupted from his cock. Smiling and giggling I licked up every last drop with my tongue and fingers. I love the taste of cum! Our little fantasy sure worked out well, hehe!!
My friend Gina was back in town again recently. She invited me down to the strip to visit her for some more marathon girlie fucking in her hotel room. Little did I know she had a surprise waiting for me there! When I came to her room, the door was open a little bit. I thought that was strange, so I entered cautiously. I called out, “Gina are you in here?” as I stripped out of my little overcoat with nothing underneath. To my surprise Gina was waiting on the bed for me with a big strap on cock already harnessed on her body! What a filthy girl she is! It even had an attachment that was inserted into her pussy at the same time. Now all she needed was my willing cunt to fuck. But first she wanted to see me suck it, I think Gina was getting off on the idea of having a dick for the day. And I was more than happy to show her just how I would treat her big prick! With Gina sprawled across the bed I climbed on top of her, sliding her plastic cock up to my pussy as she teased me with it. I worked that dick deep in my pussy, riding her hard. Until we turned over into doggie style. Gina slid a finger into my ass before fucking me hard and deep with her strap on prick. She fucked me furiously, pulling my hair and grabbing at my butt before I exploded in grunting, screaming orgasm over her dick. I had to return the favor With Gina reclining on the bed I bent down and pulled the attachment that was inserted inside her. As I pushed and pulled faster and faster on the strap, Gina was screaming out. “Fuck yeah, fuck me!” she cried in ecstacy.

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